Jon and Kate Plus A Court Date: Couple To Be Held In Contempt?

Jon and Kate Gosselin‘s battles — this time, over money missing from a joint bank account — will continue Monday at 8 a.m. EST in a Norristown, Pennsylvania courtroom, where a Montgomery County judge will decide whether to initiate contempt proceedings against either of them for the alleged infractions.

It’s unclear whether either of the reality TV parents will show up, though their attorneys are expected to be in attendance for the proceedings.

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The latest fiasco began when the couple’s attorneys each filed contempt motions against the other over missing money.

Kate, 34, said Jon took $230,000 from the account following their June separation, leaving her with a paltry $1,300 in savings; Jon said Kate has taken more than $60,000 in the same time frame.

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Jon, 32, was told by Judge Arthur Tilson Oct. 13 to return $180,000 he withdrew from the account. The judge also wanted any other assets withdrawn from the joint account inventoried to ensure it was spent according to a divorce arbitrator’s guidelines. Kate’s attorney said that his client has fulfilled all obligations set for by the court.

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A deadline of Monday to return all missing funds was set by a jurist, who added that if the problems continued, another hearing would be held concerning the matter.

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