John Travolta’s Attorney Accused Of Lying

There were fireworks in the court Thursday at the trial of Pleasant Bridgewater and Tarino Lighbourne, who stand accused of trying to extort $25 million from John Travolta following his son Jett’s death in January.

Extortionists Said They Had Evidence Travolta Intentionally Killed His Child

Tempers flared as Bridgewater’s attorney, Murrio Ducille, accused the witness, Travolta’s attorney and close friend, Michael McDermott of lying.

Travolta Testifies About Son’s Death

In a heated exchange Durrio accused McDermott of being an untruthful witness saying that in his statement there is no mention of Bridgewater demanding money.

Things got so hot that Justice Anita Allen had to calm things down telling them both to “lower the temperature” and that “there is no need for this”.

Defendants Plead Not Guilty

But things did not calm down and the judge got so frustrated that she put her hand on her head at one point, and then called for a recess to allow everyone to simmer down.

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