Joe Jonas And Demi Lovato’s PG Sleepover

Considering they’re “just good friends” Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato sure have been hanging out a lot together recently.

The pair has been spotted on double dates in Toronto and Friday Joe was snapped leaving Demi’s Toluca Lake CA house – after a sleepover!

Joe And Demi’s Double Date In Toronto

But don’t think Joe’s throwing that purity ring away anytime soon, the pair had a chaperone, Demi’s dad was at the house too!

Joe got picked up from Demi’s in style, a limo arrived for the teen heartthrob around 2 p.m. Shortly afterwards Demi left with her dad and drove herself to the Center Staging Studio in Burbank.

PHOTO: Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato Shoot Music Video

Guess these two are just going to keep us guessing!

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