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Has MTV “Gone Too Far?”

MTV announced plans this week that they will be airing Adam Goldstein’s (aka DJ AM) eight-part documentary series “Gone Too Far” after all. Ironically, the show features Goldstein help young addicts face the downward spiral of their life and get help.

Will this serve as a cautionary tale? Or simply be too hard to watch? Goldstein, 36, was found dead in his New York City apartment on August 28th and the final ruling was an accidental overdose of cocaine, painkillers, sleeping pills and mood-alterers including OxyContin, Vicodin, Benadryl, Xanax, Ativan and Klonopin. Goldstein had faced substance abuse problems in his past but had been sober for years—until the plane crash he survived in 2008 sent him backwards according to his friends and family.

As the world well knows, Goldstein survived that crash along with his friend Travis Barker. The survivor’s guilt Goldstein battled (the remaining four passengers and crew members onboard did not survive) and overall post-traumatic stress was intense for Goldstein—especially for someone that spent most of his life battling addictions to drugs, alcohol and even food (he underwent gastric bypass surgery several years ago).

The MTV press release says that each episode of “Gone Too Far” documents Goldstein “meeting with the addicts, friends and families to explore their willingness to change. As part of his life-long struggle to overcome substance abuse, his mission was to help as many people as he could, and this series was a way for him to help on a bigger level.”

His family has given their blessing for it to air but does that make it okay? We fear knowing what we now know about the pain Goldstein was dealing with during the filming that it may be like we’re watching his own cry for help that was never answered.

You can judge for yourself when it airs this Monday at 10pm ET on MTV.

DJ AM: Official Cause Of Death — Accidental Overdose


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