Fergie To Be Part-Owner of The Miami Dolphins

Fergie is a woman of many talents: actress, singer, and now football team owner! The sultry singer is poised on an official deal with the Miami Dolphins to become an investor.

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The team owner Stephen Ross said he is simply waiting for Fergie to wrap up her Australian tour with the Black Eyed Peas so he can get her to sign the papers.

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There are already a slew of celebrities plunking their entertainment money into the franchise: Marc Anthony, Venus and Serena Williams, Jimmy Buffett and Emilio and Gloria Estefan are all investors.

As part of their portions, they have also all agreed to make appearances at the stadium during games in an attempt to attract a more diverse crowd. On Monday, Estefan and Hank Williams Jr. performed a bilingual version of the Monday Night Football theme as part of the league’s Hispanic Heritage Month.

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