EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Stan Lee On What Makes A Leading Lady Hot

Stan Lee has been behind some of the biggest blockbuster movies based on comic books. Spider-Man, X-Men, and Iron Man are all his creations, and he was honored at the Spike TV Scream Awards on Saturday night in Hollywood. 

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Tobey Maguire, the star of Spider-Man, presented Stan with the Comic-Con Icon award and the 86-year-old Lee thanked Spike TV for creating the awards and “telling the world how cool comic books are.”

From Scarlett Johannson to Halle Berry to Gwyneth Paltrow, comic book movies always have the best looking leading ladies.  On the red carpet Stan gave RadarOnline.com and exclusive look into what it takes to be a leading lady in his movies.  “She has to have a great figure and look good in a tight fitting costume,” he explained.  “After that nobody gives a damn!”

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With insight into his great sense of humor, Stan told RadarOnline.com,”People not laughing at my jokes makes me so sad.” 

Spoiler Alert!  The comic book genius will have a cameo in Iron Man 2, where he’ll play Larry King, according to www.Collider.com.

The comic book legend told us what keeps him still working.  “I’m just your average guy trying to make his way in this cold, miserable world.”

The star-studded event was taped Saturday and is scheduled to air as a two-hour special on Oct. 27 at 10pm on Spike TV.

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