EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Glee’s Mark Salling Talks Music, Mohawks & Kissing Kristin Chenoweth

Mark Salling may play a football jock on the Fox hit show Glee, but in real life, he’s a classically trained pianist with a love for rock and roll.

With season one wrapped, Mark has let his signature Mohawk grow in; revealing to RadarOnline.com that he only sports the hairdo during shooting.  And he’s sharing a lot more-like his talent for tickling the ivories.

“I come from a rock and roll background,” he told RadarOnline.com reporter Katie Rhames at Ivan Kane’s Café Was in Hollywood. “I was never in the glee club at school, I was always in a band.” 

Salling’s current band is called Jericho, and pride and joy is a record he released about a year and a half ago called Smoke Signals. He produced the tracks, as well as wrote and sang the vocals.

“I wish I had a couple more of my buddies in the band but it’s hard to find that in L.A.,” he said. “So right now it’s kind of a one-man band.”

One thing Salling doesn’t find hard to find is female fans! Glee has skyrocketed the 27-year-old to heartthrob status-especially with his female co-stars. When the script required him to kiss Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth, Salling-who calls himself  “pretty single”– says it wasn’t exactly hard work.

“We did a take where she probably kissed me ten times,” he recalled. “I kept messing it up on purpose. She is just a doll, literally and figuratively. She’s very down to earth and very funny. I hope she comes back to the show.”

Glee airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on  FOX.

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