EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Balloon Boy’s Family Was Homeless And Living In Work Studio

In an exclusive video with RadarOnline.com, Mayumi Heene‘s former client, Sunda Croonquist, tells RadarOnline.com that the Heene family was living in their work studio, in squalor and without a bathroom.

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Croonquist says that she had no idea the Heene’s were living in the studio initially when it was just the two of them, but that she noticed when the children arrived on the scene.

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She says that the children “were living in conditions that were not acceptable”, and that they “slept on the floor or couches” and that there was no bathroom at the studio.

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Croonquist says their studio “wasn’t a home” and that there was “no cleanliness” and the place “was a mess”.

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Croonquist also shares that poor Mayumi worked so hard that she “didn’t have time to straighten up” and that she even returned to work just two days after giving birth.

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