EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Balloon Boy Dad Is “On The Edge… He’s Another Jonestown”

In an explosive bombshell interview with RadarOnline.com, Sunda Croonquist, a former client of Mayumi Heene‘s, spills all about Richard Heene, his ferocious temper, her worries for Mayumi and the kids and how she can envision another “Jonestown” scenario.

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Croonquist, an LA based stand up comedian, tells RadarOnline.com that Richard Heene is “on the edge” and that she’s worried he’s “going to hurt everyone”.

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She advises her former editor, and close friend, to get away from Heene now, saying, “I was afraid for her then, I’m afraid for her now – Mayumi, Just get out.” Adding, “That woman is definitely in trouble.”

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Croonquist says that in her opinion Heene is bi-polar and in desperate need of medication, urging him to get help and saying, “Some people aren’t well, he’s unbalanced, he’s an irresponsible parent, he needs medication.”

Chillingly Croonquist worries that the whole situation, if not handled with care, could end in a “Jonestown” scenario, with Heene taking his family hostage, or worse.

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