EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Balloon Boy Dad On Prank Reality TV Show

It seems that Balloon boy’s family has a history of playing pranks.

Balloon Boy Is Now Officially A Hoax

In this never before seen video footage that RadarOnline.com has exclusively obtained Balloon Boy’s dad, Richard Heene, is seen participating in a pilot for a prank show, Laughing Gas.

Balloon Boy Family May Have To Pay For Hoax

In the skit Heene is seen sitting on the sofa of a nail salon as he secretly films another participant pranking the salon owner.

Balloon Boy Dad Has Spent Time Behind Bars

A source tells RadarOnline.com, “Richard was pretty proud of the demo, he talked about it all the time. I think he thought they were going to break into the big time with this show.

“They had a number of meetings and showed it around but nobody was interested in it, and I’m not surprised, it’s really not that good.”

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