EXCLUSIVE: Vampire Diaries Vixens Court Troubles Over

The legal troubles for the sexy quartet of Vampire Diaries stars accused of flashing motorists from a Georgia bridge last month are over.

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A Monroe County court spokeswoman told RadarOnline.com “The girls did not show up.  They each forfeited the cash bond of $500 that they paid for the bonding company.”   Nina Dobrev, 20, Candice Accola, 22, Kayla Ewell, 24 and Sara Canning, 22, (along with photographer Tyler Shields and extra Krystal Vayda) were booked at Monroe County Sheriff’s Department on disorderly conduct charges following the Aug. 22 incident.

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“It’s over, they forfeited $500 and Judge Geoffrey Davis dismissed the case since they forfeited the bond.  He is not issuing a warrant; it’s over since the county got the money from the bonding company.  All six people failed to appear so they each forfeited $500 for a total of $3000.”    

Vampire Vixens Arrested For Flashing

A spokesperson for Tyler Shields told RadarOnline.com today: “Tyler has no intention of asking the girls to re-pay him for the money that he lost in this incident.

“He did the gentlemanly thing by posting the bail in the first place so that they could all be released quickly after they were charged.”

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The Vampire Diaries continues to get strong ratings for the CW Network.

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