EXCLUSIVE: Miss California Pageant To Crown Two Winners & Asks Carrie Prejean To Tape Message

The pageant world has skyrocketed to the top of everyone’s entertainment list, and the Miss CA USA pageant has received national attention since the Carrie Prejean scandal. Now, the competition is getting a makeover. Executive Director Keith Lewis confirmed to RadarOnline.com: “We’re taking care of business by crowning two winners.” He also revealed that they have asked Prejean to tape a message for the show.

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California will be the only state in the country with two winners and owner Donald Trump is fully supporting the change.

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After Prejean’s controversial answer at the Miss USA pageant that created a national furor, she became the spokesperson against gay marriage and a right wing darling.  She was fired and lost her crown shortly thereafter, but Lewis told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview that they know that even bad press is good press and they are going to shake things up at the pageant this year. “We’re just riding the notoriety and publicity that we have this year.”

Lewis also revealed the news that they offered Carrie Prejean an opportunity to pre-tape a message but they have not heard back from her yet. “We’re just trying to put everything behind us and move forward,” he said was the reason that they put the offer out to Carrie.

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Gone are the sashes from the 1950s, and the swimsuit competition will be “more like the Victoria’s Secret fashion show where they’re wearing bathing suits or lingerie type outfits, but at the same time they’re accessorized uniquely to give each girl a fashion feel.” Keith told RadarOnline.com the exclusive news that Lady Lux Swimwear is the official swimsuit provider for the girls at the pageant.

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“We’re totally making over the system this year,” Lewis told RadarOnline.com “We’re trying to capitalize on all the attention that we got this year and make sure that we’re delivering a product that is relevant, and cutting edge and that showcases the beautiful women that participate to the fullest degree.”

The Miss CA USA pageant will be airing live on November 22 from The Show at the Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa on selected CW and My Network TV stations.

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