EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan To File Restraining Order Against Her Father, Michael Lohan

Sources close to Lindsay Lohan reveal exclusively to RadarOnline.com, that the actress will file a restraining order against her father, Michael Lohan in the next two days.  Sources say Lindsay fears for her safety from her estranged father.  Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holley Chapman, has begun the paperwork on behalf of her client and the filing should be ready in the next 48-hours.

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Sources close to the actress tell us Lindsay took this action based on statements Michael has made stating he was considering kidnapping his daughter and discussing her legal situation with the judge in her case.

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In court Friday Lindsay Lohan’s attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, requested an extra year for Lindsay to complete her alcohol awareness program, due to her work commitments, which the judge granted, but sternly warned that Lindsay has to make the program her “priority” and that if she hears she is avoiding it she will be dragged back into court.

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In an exclusive interview, following the court hearing, Michael Lohan told RadarOnline.com  that he had contacted the judge and told her that she should have placed his daughter in rehab. Michael has expressed concern for Lindsay’s welfare on numerous occasions and even talked about staging an intervention.

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When told about the impending restraining order, Michael Lohan told RadarOnline.com, “Dina is the one that told her to get a restraining order. But you know what? I‘m still going to try to do everything with the courts to try and get Lindsay better.”

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A source close to the situation confirms Michael Lohan’s suspicions, telling RadarOnline.com, that Lindsay’s mom, Dina is the one that is indeed pushing Lindsay to get the restraining order.

The paperwork is being prepared, but Lindsay hasn’t given her attorney the green light, yet. The plan is for Lindsay to be out of L.A. while Michael Lohan is in town. The source told RadarOnline.com, “If Lindsay isn’t already in New York City, she is on her way. That was the plan to make sure she wasn’t around for any of his crazy antics.”

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