EXCLUSIVE: Letterman is “Transparent” Says Paul Shaffer

Sure, he’s caught up in a messy office-romance-turned-extortion-plot, but David Letterman is not hiding anything.

In fact, the late-night host is “transparent” says his band leader Paul Shaffer.  Shaffer appeared at Barnes & Noble in New York City’s Union Square on October 14 to sign copy of his new book and gave a speech to the crowd.

RadarOnline.com was on the scene and audience members had a chance to ask questions after Paul played the keyboard and told a few stories from the book,”We’ll Be Here for the Rest of Our Lives.”  Some people in the audience were quietly discussing if Letterman’s sex scandal would be brought up.

After a few questions about music and a close encounter Paul had with Britney Spears in an elevator, one audience member stood up and asked what Dave Letterman is really like.

The man who asked the question emphasized the word “really” and the room burst into laughter before Paul could say anything. It was obvious it was an allusion to Dave’s admission that he’s dated staffers and the subsequent scandal.  Paul answered: “He’s very transparent on the air, so you know what he’s really like.”

And that’s as close as he got to addressing the topic!

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