EXCLUSIVE: District Attorney Says Lindsay’s Judge Won’t Talk To Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan, who feels his daughter Lindsay should be sent to rehab, may want to talk to the judge who decided against treatment but won’t get the chance to says a deputy district attorney. In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com,  the D.A. assigned to the case, Danette Meyers explains why Michael’s wish is a pipe dream.

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“Judges don’t have ex-parte communication with family members, victims without the prosecutors, defense, and the defendant present,” Meyers explained. “Michael Lohan could send Judge Revel a letter, but her clerk would contact myself, and the defense and determine what should be done, if anything. Most judges won’t entertain anything. I would be stunned if Judge Revel actually took his call.”

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Judge Revel extended Lohan’s probation last week by one year so she could fulfill the terms of her alcohol education classes. Lohan’s lawyer explained she was often out of town shooting movies and would thus need more time to finish her classes.

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