EXCLUSIVE: Britney And Boyfriend’s Zombie Date!

Forget about all that talk that Britney Spears owes her toned new body to eliminating junk food from her diet.

PHOTOS: Britney Rocks A Bikini In Mexico

Britney and boyfriend Jason Trawick saw the movie Zombieland on Tuesday night in a nearly empty theater in Calabasas. We nearly dropped our Raisinets when Brit walked into the nearly empty lobby. And yes, she does look as great as recent bikini photos have show.

VIDEO: Britney Shopping

But an eyewitness, trying not to stare, quickly discovered that the singer’s hot new bod is not because she’s depriving herself of junk food. She had a humongous bag of popcorn and didn’t wait to get inside the theater before munching away. She and Jason then got the largest size slushie and slurped away.

Britney’s Boyfriend’s Legal No No: Texting While Driving

Seems like the romance is still alive: Britney and Jason walked arm-in-arm into the theater.

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