Dennis Quaid Cuts DUI Risk, Takes Limo To Club

Just two nights after he narrowly escaped getting a DUI by wisely deciding to take a cab instead of driving after a night of partying, Dennis Quaid took a limo to a Hollywood club where his band, Dennis Quaid and the Sharks, was performing.

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On Wednesday, Quaid and his wife Kimberly were at Phillipes in West Hollywood after the premiere of One Peace at a Time. They got into their car and Dennis started the engine, when a helpful cop stopped to chat and nicely suggested they take a cab. Smartly, the Quaids did just that.

VIDEO:  Dennis Quaid Calls A Cab After Warning By Cop

So for his Friday night Sharks date at the hip Lucky Strikes Lanes & Lounge, Dennis apparently didn’t give his transportation a second thought. A limo was definitely the safe way to go.

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