David Letterman Drama Makes For Ratings Gold

David Letterman‘s self-confessed bad behavior has reinforced the credo, controversy creates cash: Nielsen reported a 4.2 rating for Monday’s edition of The Late Show, a rating so high it beat out anything NBC broadcast in prime time.

Last Thursday’s episode was a huge ratings winner, as Nielsen reported more than 5.8 million viewers tuned in to see Letterman tell his audience he was the target of a $2 million extortion plot and that he had “sex with women who work for me.”

Diary Of Letterman Intern Details Romantic Hikes, Job Offers

Monday’s highly-anticipated episode drew slightly less viewers to their tubes, Nielsen reported.

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: The Woman At Center Of Letterman Extortion Plot

The woman reportedly at the center of the controversy is 34-year-old Stephanie Birkitt, a former assistant on the Late Show.

Letterman’s Alleged Extortionist Pleads Not Guilty

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