Brooke Burns’ Malti-Poo Goes M.I.A.

Another day, another missing Malti-Poo.

Former Baywatch star Brooke Burns has put up signs around Los Angeles offering a $250 reward for her missing dog, Max. The Malti-Poo has been missing since Saturday.

It looks like there’s a missing Malti-Poo epidemic hitting L.A. Last month, Jessica Simpson’s beloved dog Daisy was snatched before her very eyes by a coyote. Simpson finally called off a massive search for the pup when it became clear the dog wasn’t returning home—at least in once piece.

Let’s hope Max has better luck.

Update: has learned that Findtoto have enlisted their help in finding Brooke’s dog. So far they have sent alerts out to 5,000 of Brooke’s surrounding neighbors.

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