Britney’s Boyfriend’s Legal No No: Texting While Driving

We love seeing Britney Spears as a passenger in a car.  Even she admits she is not the best of drivers.  But our favorite pop princess would be a safer passenger if her boyfriend Jason Trawick would take a texting-break when he’s driving Ms. Spears around.

VIDEO: Britney Shopping

Jason Trawick, Britney’s longtime talent agent, could clearly – and unfortunately – be seen texting while driving with Britney in Los Angeles Friday.  California law prohibits drivers from writing, sending or reading texts.  It also bans hand-held cellphone use.

There was a flurry of news last week about the dangers of texting behind the wheel.  Experts say it is far more dangerous than even driving drunk, and President Obama signed an executive order banning all federal workers from the practice.

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Brit’s home in Los Angeles until her tour picks up again in Australia for three weeks starting November 6.

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