BREAKING NEWS: Jon Vs. Kate Over Missing Money; Hearing Ends — For Now

Jon and Kate Gosselin will be back in court October 26th for round two of a hearing over that huge amount of missing money.

PHOTOS: Jon And Kate Face-Off Tuesday Over Missing Money

Earlier Tuesday,  Jon and Kate arrived — separately — at the Montgomery County courthouse in Norristown, PA. to meet with their attorneys and a court-ordered arbitrator over Kate’s claims that Jon withdrew $230,000 from their joint savings account, leaving her unable to pay their bills.

VIDEO: Jon & Kate Arrive At Court For Showdown Over Missing Money

Jon, meanwhile, is accusing Kate of taking $100,000 from the account.

It’s the latest saga in their bitter divorce which continues to play out in public.

The hearing lasted one hour, and Jon was the first to leave the courthouse.

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