BREAKING NEWS: Balloon Boy Parents To Face Charges!

The Larimer County, Colorado Sheriff’s Department is obtaining a search warrant for the home of Balloon Boy Falcon Keene. The six-year-old’s parents Richard and Mayumi Heene are about to be charged with making making a false claim to law enforcement, the Denver Post is reporting. had exclusively reported that the Heenes faced a huge bill for the deployment of emergency personnel if their balloon incident turned out to be a hoax.

The Heenes Could Be Billed Huge Sum

Richard Heene has repeatedly said there was “no hoax” when he claimed his young son had been carried away in their home-made helium balloon.

The family is no stranger to fame. They appeared on the TV series Wife Swap and had been trying to sell a reality series about themselves.

Falcon and his brothers also starred in a music video shot by their dad.

VIDEO: Watch The Heene Boys Rap

Story Developing….

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