After The Crash: Brad Pitt Surveys The Damage, Talks To Fans

Following the frightening but fortunately minor motorcyle spill that Brad Pitt took Saturday morning in Los Angeles, the actor was as cool as one of his movie characters as he dealt with the aftermath.

PHOTOS: Brad At The Scene Of His Motorcycle Accident

Brad carefully checked out the damage to his brand new chopper, politely chatted with some fans who offered assistance and made arrangements to get his chopper trucked home.

Brad was reportedly accidentally clipped by a photographer’s car. In his maneuver to ger away from it, he rear-ended a car in front ot him. That sent Brad and his bike to the asphalt.

PHOTO: Brad On His New Bike Just Hours Before The Crash

Even though the incident wasn’t Pitt’s fault, he naturally did the right thing and exchanged insurance info with the driver he collided with.

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