VIDEO: Nick Cannon Mocks Himself In Fake Interview

Here’s a trick we’ve never seen Jay or Dave pull off: Mariah Carey‘s multi-talented husband, Nick Cannon, posted a feature on his website called Double Take, in which he interviews himself.

Cannon, in the clip, presented himself in two lights: the sarcastic interviewer in hip-hop gear, and a more dressy, upbeat version of himself.

Introduced as “a mediocre actor, horrible rapper… does a bunch of stuff,” Cannon, host of the TV show America’s Got Talent, addressed hot button issues such as why Carey married him (she digs his corniness); his feud with Eminem (he’s more scared of Spongebob Squarepants) and rumors he is gay (he declined to pick between kissing Kanye West or Wendy Williams).

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