VIDEO: Dr. Jack Kevorkian Says Dr. Murray Not To Blame For Jackson Death

Dr. Jack Kevorkian fanned the flames of controversy Wednesday night when he defended Dr. Conrad Murray, who has been targeted in the investigation into the death of Michael Jackson.

Kevorkian, 81, appeared on Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Wednesday night and was asked whether the Dr. who gave Jackson propofol murdered him. “No, I don’t think he was malicious,” Kevorkian answered. “”Murder is defined by forethought. Did he have forethought? I doubt it.”

The controversial doctor, nicknamed ‘Dr. Death’, went on to say, “Maybe Jackson himself just craved these things so much he pestered the doctor who gave it to him just to keep him quiet.

“The patient got what he wanted. He’s the one who says yes or no to take the drug.”

Kevorkian, in his first interview since being paroled following his eight year sentence on second degree murder charges, also said that he has “no regrets” about helping terminally ill patients die. But that he wouldn’t do it again, as he has spent the last tenth of his life in jail already.

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