VIDEO: Blue Man Of Skin Tone: “It’s Lightened Up”

Don’t adjust your computer screen: That man is as blue as the sky.

Paul Karason, a Washington man whose skin turned blue after 14 years of taking colloidal silver, a controversial cure-all remedy not approved by FDA officials, told the Today Show Thursday his skin has gradually changed shades for the better.

“It’s lightened up,” Karason said. “I wouldn’t say [anything] major, but its lightened up.

“I’m anxious to try green,” he joked.

On a non-joking level, Karason candidly discussed his health woes on the show, which have included extensive treatments for prostate cancer and blocked artery.

Karason said he still takes the colloidal silver on a “very, very seldom” basis. “It can be very expensive.”

When asked if he will ever be taking the substance in regular doses again, he joked: “I doubt it — its not green, after all.”


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