Travolta Jury Selected In Extortion Case

The jury has been selected for the John Travolta extortion case and the actor could be called to testify as early as tomorrow.

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Three men and six women will decide the fate of former Senator Pleasant Bridgewater and her co-accused Tarino Lightbourne.

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Bridgewater and Lightbourne were arrested in January after allegedly attempting to extort $25 million from actor John Travolta, following the death of his 16-year-old son Jett, on the Island of Grand Bahama.

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Travolta and his family were staying in Grand Bahama at their vacation home when Jett suffered a seizure and died on January 2.

Prosecutors say the Bridgewater and Lightbourne threatened to go public with a document that protected emergency responders from liability.

Both defendants have pled not guilty and are currently free on bail.

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