VIDEO: Stars Take Sides – Vampires Or Werewolves?

The seventh annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party brought the brightest young stars to the red carpet in Hollywood Friday night, and was there with the question of the night for all you Twilight fans – which are better — vampires or werewolves?

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90210‘s Matt Lanter offered up his opinion. “I know vampires are pretty cool. So I’ll just go with vampire.” 

Final Destination
‘s Bobby Campo had a hotter reason for his pick: “Vampires are sexier.”

Heroes Justin Baldoni was firmly on Team Jacob. “I give props to the werewolf for getting buff.”

And 90210‘s Trevor Donovan had a simple reason for his choice.  “There’s a lot of sexuality involved in being a vampire.  And I think it’s a sexy…the thought of it is sexy.”

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