Sex and the City 2 Watch: Oh, Them Golden Slippers!

Using the approaching end-of-summer festivities as a clever guise, Michael Patrick King and Sarah Jessica Parker quietly began filming the hugely anticipated Sex and the City sequel in NYC yesterday.

First piece of fashion on our radar? It’s Carrie Bradshaw so, naturally, the shoes.

We spy with our style eyes the signature red lining of Christian Louboutin, accompanying a dazzling jewel-encrusted gold pump. Welcome back, Bradshaw!

Filming isn’t the only activity on Parker’s agenda–she’s got two brand new baby twins at home, and a big night of shopping ahead.

Parker will participate in the September 10 borough-encompassing shopping extravaganza Fashion’s Night Out.

Spearheaded by Vogue honcho Anna Wintour, celebrities and fashion stars will venture out all over New York to get people excited about shopping again.

Check out Parker in the event promo clip here!

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