Robert Pattinson & Costars Unveil Extended New Moon Trailer

Despite a million bright stars, Twilight descended upon the MTV Video Music Awards, back in New York City this year at Radio City Music Hall.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, the young stars of The Twilight Saga, were on hand to reveal an extended trailer for the forthcoming New Moon.

Check out their costar Ashley Greene working the red carpet as a fashion correspondent!

Kristen, in a Valentino mini and Rock & Repbulic heels, stood in the middle of Lautner (in Calvin Klein) and RPattz in a navy blazer and casual button-up.

“Whether you’re Team Jacob or Team Edward, we want to thank you for your undying support over the past year,” said Stewart.

“For tonight, we’re bringing you and only you a first look at a movie we’ve been working on for months,” Pattinson continued.

“Just for the MTV Video Music Awards, this is the extended trailer of New Moon,” Lautner finished.

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