Report: John Edwards Promised Mistress Rielle Hunter Wedding With Dave Matthews Performing!

A new book proposal from John Edwards‘ once-loyal aide Andrew Young asserts that the former Senator promised Rielle Hunter a lavish rooftop wedding complete with the Dave Matthews Band performing, the New York Times has reported.

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Young has, until now, always claimed he was the father of Rielle’s daughter Frances, born in 2008. In his book proposal he writes that Edwards always knew he was Frances’ dad and begged Young to cover for him by falsely claiming he was the father.

Now under investigation for using campaign funds to support Hunter, Edwards is reportedly ready to confess that he fathered Frances.

A DNA test has also reportedly been conducted that proves his parentage.

According to Young, Edwards promised Hunter that their star-studded wedding would take place just as soon as his cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth dies.

Did Matthews even know he’d been drawn into this tragic drama? has reached out to the singer’s rep for comment.

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