EXCLUSIVE: Private Investigator: “Evi Quaid Is “A Time Bomb”

Private Investigator Becky Altringer once had Randy and Evi Quaid as clients.  Now she says Evi is “evil” and a threat to her actor husband’s life!

“I reached out to law enforcement [and] the judicial system….since I first terminated my services with Randy and Evi Quaid on June 27, 2009,” Becky told RadarOnline.com.

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“I observed Evi’s mental stability decline and her paranoia grow. I believe Evi Quaid has been trying to hide her spending and drug abuse by not paying her debits so that Randy would not notice the money disappearing,” Becky added. “Evi has made false allegations against corporations, individuals and legal authorities so that it would take blame away from her.

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“Evi Quaid is a time bomb and the timer is running out.  I believe she is a danger to Randy’s life. Evi is not crazy.  She is evil and knows exactly what she is doing.”

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