VIDEO: Obama to Letterman: I Was Black Before The Election

The President’s health care plan might be ailing, but he knows the best medicine is laughter, so that must be why he went on Dave Letterman’s show Monday night.

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When Letterman asked Mr. Obama what he thought about former President Jimmy Carter’s suggestion that racism is behind the criticism of the healthcare plan, Obama joked “I think it’s actually important to realize that I was actually black before the election.” The crowed roared with laughter and Dave himself even snickered!

Recognizing that being the president is a difficult job, but that he can handle it, Obama told Letterman “One of the things you sign up for in politics is folks yell at ya.”  We haven’t seen the President get yelled at by too many people, but we always know about the Secret Service being there to watch out for him!

The Late Show with Dave Letterman airs Monday at 11:30 pm on CBS.

Click here to watch a clip of the interview

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