Not Soap, Radio : Because Sometimes Money Can Buy Happiness

Not Soap, Radio is a fun beauty site, chock full of great bath , body and beauty products, like the “Happy Hour” Lipglass, the mini Beauty Books, portable face palettes for lips, eyes, or cheeks, and the new Greek line of  sorority bath, body, beauty collection products.

Shop for any and all occasions including – Bid Day, Big/Little, Formal, Initiation, or just a Sisters’ gift.

But our fave product is the “Say it with Suds” line of greeting card bath and shower gels!

Made of all-natural shea nut oil, vegan formula, ”SAY IT WITH SUDS” has a bubbly for anyone on your list.

Forget the Hallmark card and send one to your BBF, your favorite teacher, a happy-bride-to-be, a thank you, Happy Birthday….all for just $14.00.

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