Lindsay Lohan Gets Her Fangs On

Lindsay Lohan has a new addiction.  No she’s not back on booze and pharmaceuticals.  Linds, it turns out, is a True Blood fanatic.  And to show her devotion to the HBO series, Lohan puts some fangs on and did her best sexy vampire pose for photos she posted on her Twitter account.

Could Lohan be lobbying for a job on the show?  Absolutely, says a friend, who points out that she is so crazed about True Blood she won’t allow anyone to talk while she’s watching it.

LaLo has been a busy girl of late.  She’s just moved from her rented Hollywood Hills home and has gotten herself a small role in Robert Rodriguez‘ next film, Machete.

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But a part on the most talked-about show on TV would give Lohan some much-needed career traction.

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