Katherine Jackson Fails In Court To Keep Allowance Details Private

Katherine Jackson failed in court Wednesday to keep details of the family allowance that she and Jackson’s children receive private.

Burt Levitch, attorney for Katherine Jackson argued against making the amount of the allowance public, telling the court, “A bottom line dollar figure would make life more difficult for Katherine Jackson, it would create a feeding frenzy.”

But Judge Mitchell Beckloff ruled against Levitch stating, “There is public interest in this.”

However, the judge did rule that the categories of what the money is spent on will be sealed.

Margaret Lodise, Guardian Ad Litem for the Jackson children had argued that people could try to impersonate the children for financial gain if the categories on what their allowance was specifically spent on were revealed.

Judge Beckloff also said that he would rule in the next two days regarding Katherine Jackson’s safe harbor petition. Katherine Jackson wants to know if, as the beneficiary, she contests the executors, will her 40% stake in the estate be put at risk, due to a no contest clause Michael Jackson had in the will.

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