Gwyneth Paltrow’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Normally fashion-perfect Gwyneth Paltrow revealed a little more than she should have during an airport security check.

The Oscar winning actress was jetting-out of Barcelona, Spain, after seeing her husband Chris Martin’s band Coldplay in concert.

Dressed comfortably in a white baggie vest the mom-of-two showed a little too much spillage by displaying her flesh colored bra.

But we can forgive Gwynie’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ after all she was accompanied by her two young kids Apple and Moses as she went through the airport’s security.

Ironically, in her last film Two Lovers co-starring Joaquin Pheonix, she bared one of her boobs for real during a steamy phone sex session. The steamy film, which is set in New York, tells the story of Leonard (Phoenix) who is enticed by Michelle (Paltrow) after he splits-up with his long-term partner and moves back-in with his parents.

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