Gossip Girl’s Most Unwanted Fan

Peter Braunstein, the fashion writer-turned convicted kidnapper and rapist, says that Gossip Girl is the only thing keeping him alive in prison.  In a bizarre rambling letter to the New York Post, Braunstein wrote, “There is another incentive or two for staying in the game, namely, Season 3 of Gossip Girl“….”Sure it is probably going to be great but is Gossip Girl in and of itself reason enough to stay alive? We’ll see.”

Braunstein dressed as a firefighter on Halloween night, 2005, started a small fire in an apartment building, and then broke in under the ruse of saving one of the female tenants.  Instead, he sexually assaulted the woman for 12 brutal hours.  The former media critic for the fashion bible Women’s Wear Daily is now serving 18 years to life for his crimes.

Braunstein didn’t mention Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively or Leighton Meester by name in his letter but his obsession with fashion is obvious. His other “must see” shows? Melrose Place and the new Mischa Barton series, The Beautiful Life.

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