Gerard Butler Kisses Dog

Maybe it was too little, too late, but at least Gerard Butler tried.

Before wrapping The Bounty last week with co-star Jennifer Aniston, Butler made a last ditch effort to clean up his dog beater reputation.

According to one fan who snapped this picture and posted it on a website, the actor was taking his time with fans and posing for photos, and even took time to lean over and plant a big wet one on a pooch.

That gesture was likely still not enough as one unhappy dog owner is waiting for an apology he will likely never get.

Last month the hunky Scottish actor and his pug got into a tussle with two New Yorkers and their greyhound. A retired banker claimed Butler hit his dog after the two dogs got into a fight.

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A police complaint was filed but no action was ever taken.

“We don’t want any money from him a simple apology would have done,” said the banker. Perhaps a kiss will do?

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