FIRST LOOK: Hooters Calendar 2010!

OK, their chicken wings are yummy, but we know the real reason you go to Hooters — so let’s continue to wet your appetite with a first look at the Hooters 2010 Calendar. Yes, they have their own calendar!

Click here for a sizzling preview of next year’s sexy Hooters girls in bikinis!

For their fourteenth year in publication, models like Alyssa (pictured) reinforce “the sex appeal of the All American Cheerleader and the Girl Next Door,” according to the busty brand.

While you wont get a gander at the full set of twelve until the New Year draws closer, you can occupy your time with constructive things like Flip Cup.

The World’s Largest Flip Cup Tournament will be held at Hooters Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. on October 11.

Register for the tournament at

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