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Fat Lashes: Anastasia Mascara

Everyone wants seductive, long lashes but how many of us are going to take the time to apply fake eyelashes, the last resort for skimpy, skinny lashes?

So, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, the celeb brow-shaping Queen, has developed a new Lash Lifting mascara for us eyelash-deprived girls, or for anyone wants longer lashes.

One coat of this double-effect mascara adds full volume thickness and uplifting curl. (Just hold the wand for a sec on the uplift curl.)       

Apparently, it has hard waxes and synthetic polymers that help build lashes to give volume. We wouldn’t care if it were made from waxy build-up, and our sensitive (allergy eyes were fine with the ingredients.)

Even the girl with the best eyelashes , Kim Kardashian, swears by it (From her Twitter page):

When I went to her salon I discovered this new Lash Lifting Mascara that is incredible! I swear, I literally need one coat and my eyelashes have so much volume and curl. Usually I feel like I have to keep applying coats to build up volume, but this mascara is perfect!!!

Even if our eyelashes don’t look quite as good as Kim’s, we get compliments all the time. For $22 , it’s one of the best beauty purchases we’ve ever made!