30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan is known for being outrageous – but did he have the potential of becoming the Kanye West of the Emmys?  RadarOnline.com Tina Malave asked him if 30 Rock didn’t win, would he pull a Kanye, and snatch the trophy from the winner’s hands?

Best Dressed Stars at 61st Emmy Awards

His answer was simple: He’d make a phone call. A phone call to the President of the United States.  And he joked, “I’d ask him what happened? I sent the envelope.”

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30 Rock cast mate Keith Powell told us there were no fears of an outburst, saying “I have never meet a sweeter, gentler soul.”

Mommy Madness at Emmy Awards

Madmen’s John Hamm said “no” he wouldn’t emulate Kanye at the MTV Video awards. And he didn’t.

The Men of the Primetime Emmy Awards

And, David Zayas said even though Dexter’s Michael C. Hall lost the Emmy for best actor in a drama, he wouldn’t steal the mic from anyone, because “Michael has alot of class.”

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