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EXCLUSIVE: The Vampire Diaries’ Head Makeup Artist Spills Secrets from the Set!

As fans count down the hours to tonight’s hotly anticipated second episode of The Vampire Diaries, RadarOnline.com has unearthed some juicy secrets from the set, including details from upcoming episodes! In an exclusive interview, lead makeup artist Beverly Jo Pryor tells RadarOnline.com that working with the show’s lead actors is nothing short of a pleasure.

Nina [Dobrev], Paul [Wesley] and Ian [Somerhalder] are so excited to be part of this project,” she said. “When I get them in the makeup trailer, they interact like family, they’ve bonded really well.”

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To get into “Vamp Mode”, as Pryor calls it, Somerhalder and Wesley must endure a painstaking makeup process including prosthetics, contact lenses and specially fitted fangs, which are created from a mold taken of the individual actors teeth.  Then there’s airbrushing and a special effects team, which put the finishing touches on their scary transformation using visual effects.

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“There are special appliances used for the gore, the bites, all the different stages of attacks. Sometimes fake necks are used as well.”

With so much comparison to Twilight and True Blood, Pryor says it’s The Vampire Diaries storyline that makes it stand out.

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“I like the comraderie between the two brothers, Stefan and Damon,” she told RadarOnline.com. “They were made vampires during the Italian Rennaissance and were chasing the same girl, a vampire named Katherine. That love triangle carried in to the present day when Stefan falls in love with Elena (Dobrev), who coincidentally looks just like Katherine.”

There’s nothing like a good on-screen love triangle, but does Pryor predict any real-life romance happening on set?

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“Nina is so adorable and lovely, and Paul and Ian are both very handsome men,” she laughs. “She definitely has a blast every day but so far, they’re like family. But you never know! The show is young!”