EXCLUSIVE: Samantha Ronson Dissed At Twin Sis’ Show!

Poor Sam Ronson just can’t get a break! The DJ is constantly embroiled in the drama of her on-off high profile relationship with Lindsay Lohan and now she’s getting dissed at her own sister’s fashion show!

Friday, at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Sam turned up backstage at her twin Charlotte’s fashion show ready to DJ, with a handler but minus her credentials, which are a requisite on the premises.

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“The security guard at the door to backstage put her arm in front of Sam’s face and refused to remove it, or let her pass, citing repeatedly that Sam had to have a badge or credential to get past,” an eyewitness tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. “Sam kept her cool, but was emphatic with the woman, who was just doing her job.”

“It’s my sister’s show, I’m the DJ,” Sam told the guard. “That’s great, but you still need a pass,” the woman retorted.

All the workers at the show were yelling at the guard, but she held her ground, while all the time gathered reporters started encroaching, seizing the opportunity for a few words with the captive Ronson. “S**t man,” Ronson murmured. “I don’t want to talk about Lindsay [Lohan] right now,” she told her friend.

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Finally, the guard took pity and relented, allowing Ronson to squeeze past, and Ronson dashed to the turntables to begin setting up for the show, which went off without a hitch.

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