EXCLUSIVE: RadarOnline’s DWTS Blogger Lacey Schwimmer Injured

RadarOnline.com‘s own Dancing with the Stars blogger Lacey Schwimmer has suffered injuries in and around her hip muscles, we’ve learned exclusively, which will take three weeks of physical therapy to treat.

Click here the see the first installment of Lacey’s Life, Schwimmer’s video blog for RadarOnline.com!

While in rehearsals on Monday with her Iron Chef star and partner Mark Dacascos, Schwimmer “severely strained” her hip flexors and abductors.

Those muscle groups serve to flex the hip and pelvic regions, and lift them away from the body.

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“I’m doing ok, in a lot of pain but hey that’s a dancers life!” Schwimmer tells us.

“Thanks for all your positive thoughts!”

RadarOnline’s Official DWTS Blogger: Lacey Schwimmer!

Though therapy will include stem shock treatment (using tiny waves of electricity to treat the damaged muscles), Schwimmer will dance like a trooper throughout.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Lacey!

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