EXCLUSIVE: New Moon Love Triangle Hits Twilight Birthplace, Vote For Your Favorite Wannabe Edward!

While Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner were in New York at the MTV VMAs, some other Twilight hopefuls descended on Forks, Washington (the setting for the vampire series), during a weekend-long celebration in honor of Stephenie Meyer to try and steal some of their glory. The love triangle between Edward, Bella, and Jacob heated up as some serious head-turners strutted their stuff during a look-alike contest. RadarOnline.com was there to bring you all of the details. Tell us who your picks would have been!

See the love triangle and all the winners here!

Forks doubled it’s population of 2,000 as the same amount of visitors descended on the little town to give their thanks to the author who has put the town on the international map. The look-alike competition was only one of many Twilight-inspired events and it was intense as judges rated the contestants while a crowd of town folks and visitors (from as far away as Germany!) yelled their approval.

In the end Ally Rice, 18, from Auburn, Washington pulled out the award for Bella. Just like the clumsy leading lady would, all the Bella hopefuls tripped during their re-enactment of the fictional teen. Meanwhile Brandon Case, 22, from Forks beat out T.J. Fender, 18 from nearby Oak Harbor, Washington for the Edward Cullen crown. Fender was not happy with the loss saying “people in my town are always saying I look like Edward Cullen.”

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Jeritt Akin, 18, from Hoquiam, WA brought the house down when he ripped off his shirt for the Jacob Black title, even if he didn’t exactly sport Taylor 
Lautner’s phsique. “I’m sorry if I don’t have abs like Jacob,” he said. “He’s got like a 30 pack.”

Jessica Estes, 21, from Tacoma took the Alice Cullen prize. The four seemed to all get along fine until Case and Rice got a little too cozy bringing 
the wolf out of Akin. Okay, maybe that wasn’t so real either as Case admitted their was no R-Stew sexual tension with his fellow winner.  

“I only just met her,” he shrugged. “But it’s been a fun experience.”

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