EXCLUSIVE: LaToya Jackson & Dr. Conrad Murray In War Of Words

Dr. Conrad Murray is fighting back against the explosive allegations made by LaToya Jackson to Barbara Walters on Friday night’s 20/20.

In the interview LaToya claimed Dr. Murray called Michael’s son Prince into the bedroom while he administered CPR. “Prince watched him do this,” LaToya claimed, adding that the doctor knew Michael was already dead.

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But in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Dr. Murray’s rep Miranda Sevcik said LaToya’s version of events is entirely wrong.

“Her claims are not consistent with Dr. Murray’s version of events,” Sevcik said. “LaToya was not in the house during the time she claims Prince was called into Jackson’s bedroom.

“Our version of events has not changed. Prince was never called into the bedroom and Dr. Murray found Micheal Jackson not breathing with a weak pulse. Mr. Jackson was not declared dead until he was in the hospital.”

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