EXCLUSIVE: LA Fires Add To The Ever Increasing Cost Of Michael Jackson Funeral

As the fires rage in the foothills of Glendale Michael Jackson is set to be laid to rest tomorrow at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, in an area surrounding the heart of the danger area.

RadarOnline.com has learned that the cost of the funeral is ever increasing as Glendale city officials tally the cost of supplying manpower to control the expected throng of fans and media.

Glendale City Official, Vicki Gardner, tells RadarOnline.com, “The City is still working on the costs. Due to the fire we have had, the final estimate is not complete. We are in the final stages of the fire wrap-up and reallocating resources as we speak.”

The Jackson family will be paying Glendale city officials for the cost of the law enforcement and any other services the family uses.

Judge Mitchell Beckloff ruled this morning that Jackson’s estate will pay all funeral costs.

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