EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Redmond O’Neal Feels “Good”

Speaking for the first time since he was sent to jail on drug charges and losing his mother, Farrah Fawcett, Redmond O’Neal tells RadarOnline.com exclusively he is doing, “very well,” in his drug treatment program. Redmond said he feels “good”, when RadarOnline.com talked to him during a status hearing Wednesday.

Watch video of Redmond in court

Redmond appeared in court looking fit wearing jeans, white t-shirt and a hoodie. During the status hearing the judge told Redmond, “I expect you to work your tail off. I want you to get your GED…”

Redmond is released from jail

Redmond will remain in residential living at Impact, in Pasadena. His next court date is November 17th.

Read about Redmond’s arrest

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