Girlfriend of Michael Jackson’s Doctor Talks To Grand Jury

Nicole Alvarez, the girlfriend and mother of Dr. Conrad Murray‘s infant son, testified before a Los Angeles grand jury for almost three hours on Thursday, her attorney, Joseph Low IV, told

“She was cooperative and she did very well,” Low told “Nicole willingly participated in the process and has agreed to do so in the future if necessary.”

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Though he has not been charged, Murray has been in the spotlight since Jackson’s June 25 death, which has been ruled a homicide by authorities. Much of the ensuing controversy after the legendary entertainer’s death has centered around whether Murray administered Jackson a lethal amount of Propofol, a strong anesthetic.

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Murray, through his attorney, said he didn’t give the Thriller singer anything that “should have” killed him.

Low explained why Alvarez, the 27-year-old mother of Murray’s baby boy, Che Giovanni, spoke before a grand jury.

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“The investigators asked Nicole to participate in an interview,” he said. “She agreed to participate but requested that her lawyer be permitted to be present, and as a result they wanted their lawyer, the D.A. to be present as well — the grand jury proceeding is the way to accomplish the interview while properly recording the interview.

Low declined to comment on the content of Nicole’s testimony, but said he didn’t expect her to be called in front of the grand jury again.

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“This has been very hard on [Nicole],” Low said.

Jackson died after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest June 25 in Los Angeles, California.


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